Are you willing to go organic? Well, the first step is to start from your kitchen. Swapping your conventional utensils with bamboo made bowls and plates can be both convenient and healthy. However, before switching to bamboo bowls, people often wonder if they’re dishwasher safe and hold up to daily use, so let’s first look into that.  

Some manufacturers have adopted an innovative technique of producing bamboo bowls i.e., by utilizing bamboo fiber only. As it is more resilient, sturdier, can withstand high temperature and at the same time, hold up for daily use, hence, you can clean them in dishwashers. And as bamboo is directly derived from nature, that also makes bamboo bowls biodegradable. 

But how are these Bamboo bowls made? And how can you trust that they are eco-friendly? If these and such other questions are in your mind, scroll down as we have gathered all the relevant information for you. 

The Processing of Bamboo Bowls 

Production of glass or plastic dinnerware requires a great deal of chemicals and energy. On the contrary, bamboo bowls manufacturing asks for minimal resources. To begin with, the outer layer of the bamboo plant called “sheath” is collected. Since this outer layer falls off naturally as the plant matures, the making will not cause any harm to the growth of bamboo.  

Besides, if you are concerned that harmful fertilizers or pesticides used during the growing period can affect your health then let us reveal to you that it’s a 100% chemical-free process. As the plant already contains negative ions to fight against pests and bacteria, there is no need to add extra chemicals. 

After sheath collection, it is soaked and boiled in water to clean up dirt and remove cellulose. Thus, making it free of deteriorating elements that may lead to rotting. These sheaths are then laminated into a particular thickness as per the type of final product. Finally, pressing, molding and finishing are done to fashion out a super-classy bamboo dinnerware.  

Why You Should Buy the Bamboo Bowls 

Still unable to decide if it’s worth switching to bamboo bowls and why they are a better alternative to melamine or plastic bowls? The following facts will surely help you make up your mind: 

  1. They are Reusable 

Unlike disposable plates which you must throw after single-use, the bamboo bowls can last for as long as 5 to 6 months or even more. Also, some utensils are known to trap food odor in them. This makes them unpleasant to use for the next time. However, as bamboo does not trap any odor, you can utilize it for months. 

Another factor that makes it a long-lasting dinnerware is its shielding against bacteria. Because the water never gets a chance to seep into the bamboo structure, these bowls are not going to harbor bacteria that can lead to contaminating food. Moreover, water resistance also prevents warping or cracking of the bowls. Hence, longevity is promised. 

  1. They are Non-Toxic 

We all have heard of the side effects associated with plastic dinnerware. Melamine, PVC, BPA and all other components added to boost the looks and durability of plastic play a negative role by affecting your health adversely. Nonetheless, plastic alone releases toxins when heated or sometimes even carcinogenic compounds. Thereby using such utensils in microwave or dishwashers indirectly amounts to bringing adverse results. 

On the other hand, bamboo bowls are based on 100% organic material. Hence, you can rest assured that you and your family are not consuming any toxic chemicals with food. However, not all manufacturers are bound to follow the same rule. So, before buying, make sure to check the ingredient tags and ensure that they are free of chemicals you are running away from. 

  1. Preserve the Environment 

Preserving nature has been the call of scientists and researchers for decades. Lately, the public has also started showing interest in eco-friendly products. Therefore, if you are a caterer or restaurateur, jumping on this bandwagon of “going green” by buying organic, eco-friendly products will definitely attract customers. Besides, for individuals, what’s stopping you from playing your part in saving nature? 

Considering that bamboo is rich in carbon, it is evident that it will be degraded within a few years, unlike plastic that takes approximately 20-500 years for decomposition. Furthermore, as its production does not incorporate any chemicals, the breaking procedure will be completely harmless to the environment and no pollutants will be left as by-products. 

Not only do bamboo products are beneficial for mankind but the plant itself is a gift to the atmosphere. Due to 30% greater oxygen production by Bamboo than other plants, the proportion of carbon dioxide in the environment is reduced. It also works wonders for soil contamination by reducing toxins. Issues like soil erosion or water pollution are also resolved in a way or another by increasing the growth of Bamboo plants. 

  1. Lightweight yet Durable   

It goes without saying that utensils made out of Bamboo are extremely lightweight. Be it plastic, glass or wood, no other material can offer you the portability offered by them. Hence, you can carry them away on your off-road trips without increasing extra pounds. Whereas it also saves you from the regret of polluting the environment by dumping a bulk of non-degradable disposable plates left after throwing a party or picnicking with your friends and family. 

Durability is also a silent promise when you buy Bamboo plates or bowls. Owing to the fact that Bamboo fiber has utmost strength, accidental droppings are not going to break it. Plus, the material is flexible which means it can withstand rough handling. No additives mean discoloration is not a possibility. And the insulation properties work perfectly to conserve the food temperature without burning. 

Should you Buy the Bamboo Bowls? 

Why shouldn’t you? Bamboo bowls are 100% organic, durable, non-toxic, aesthetically pleasing, affordable and biodegradable. There is nothing that makes them inferior to other materials used for making utensils. However, there’s a lot about them that overpowers other products. So, our vote is undoubtedly in favor of buying bamboo bowls. 

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