About Us

We are a small business located in sunny Southern California. We love attractive and practical house hold items. We also love our environment. And this is how Clean Dezign was born.


It wasn’t until our kids were born that we really thought about the future of our earth. And it’s tough to think about our environment when we live in such a nice place like California. But behind all this beauty, there is another world.

Did you know the average American discards around 7 1/2 pounds of garbage each day? They say you could fill up the entire Empire State Building with one day of trash from New York City alone!! Think about it, where is all this trash going to? It’s going to landfills which hurts our environment and quality of living.

What is our environment going to look like for our kids and their kids and so on and so forth? What can you do about it?



You can recycle and pick smarter choices when it comes to products.



And that’s how Clean Dezign was born. We only sell products that are eco-friendly. We love our environment and we also love products that are stylish and help us organize our home.



Aside from providing our customers contemporary housewares that will add pop to their kitchens and other areas of their homes, we strive in providing excellent customer service. We offer hassle free returns and we want you to be 100% Satisfied.


Eco Friendy Products and Customer Friendly Support is what we believe in.


We want to thank you in visiting our site and hope you try out our products that we are so passionate about.


Thank you for reading!

Owner at Clean Dezign

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