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We have some unique products at Clean Dezign. And we have some really amazing and creative customers. Some customers have taken our 3 piece kitchen canister set and used them in the bathroom for make-up. Others have used our bread box with the cutting board to store mail in their kitchen.

The possibilities are endless. But we have not seen anything as unique as what Dan Nero did.

It all started with an email from Dan. He asked us if you could paint on our White Salad Bowl with the Bamboo Lid and matching servers. We told him we weren’t quite sure, because our bowl is made from a very unique and eco-friendly material called bamboo fiber. It has the texture of melamine and plastic, but it does seem to be able to be painted on since it has a little more “grip” than those other materials.

So we told him that we think it can, but there was only one way of finding out. And that’s when Dan and his wife Brenda decided to order the bowl.

Out of curiosity, we asked him what he was going to paint.  We have seen artists paint flowers and other intricate designs on houseware items. But Dan’s response was rather unique. This is what he replied:

“Many thanks for getting back to me. The reason I want to paint it is that my son is graduating in June from high school and he is a huge Pittsburgh Penguins fan. I am going to make him a life-size replica of the Stanley Cup out of wood for his graduation cards. So I will be painting it a very shiny metallic silver. So that’s why I’m hoping that that bowl can hold the paint because it’s the first bowl I saw in the countless websites I’ve been looking at with the shape I like. “

When we read the reply, we couldn’t help but smile.

A month went by and out of the blue, Dan sends us an email and writes:

“Well, here is the final product. The bowl we bought from you was perfect!!”

As we scrolled down to see what his project turned into, we were shocked. It was AMAZING. Dan said it took him and his wife Brenda a weekend to complete. Obviously, their son loved it.

It is 36 inches high and weighs 40 pounds. Dan’s wife helped him spray paint it.

What an amazing set of parents to have gone through this breathtaking project.

Enjoy the pictures below. We have also posted a picture of the real Stanley Cup so you can see how it compares.

Dan and Brenda, congratulations to your son for graduating and also for allowing us at Clean Dezign to be part of such an amazing story!

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