Holiday “Breadbox + Bowl + Canister” Bundle

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Just in time for the holidays we have created this Holiday Bundle in RED of our most popular items to make these holidays extra special and to save you money. This special bundle is LIMITED while supplies last. Once we run out, we may no longer carry this holiday Red color. So make sure you order yours right away at this special discounted price.

This bundle will make your holiday dinner and get-togethers really stand out. Here are the 3 (THREE) items you get when you order:

  • Bread Box with Cutting Board lid ($39.99 Retail)


  • Extra Large Serving Bowl with Bamboo Chopping Board and matching serving utensils ($39.99 Retail)


  • Airtight Kitchen Canister 3 Piece Set ($39.99 Retail)



We want to make sure you enjoy this incredible set. And we want to make sure you order yours NOW to enjoy BEFORE the holidays.

Together, this would retail at $119.97. But you can order yours now TODAY for only $79.99. That’s almost a $40 SAVINGS. This includes FREE SHIPPING.



We truly stand behind all of our products. Our reviews are stellar. And so is our customer service. That’s why we do not hesitate to offer you a NO QUESTIONS ASKED 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE.

Order your holiday bundle NOW before they are all gone.

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Ready to make these holidays extra special? There is nothing like getting family and friends together and enjoying an amazing meal. Your gatherings will be extra festive this year with our Holiday Red Bundle.

Check out the video below of our holiday bundle:

This set is stylish, practical and eco-friendly. This special holiday bundle in festive RED is made from a unique material called Bamboo Fiber - which is biodegradable, non-toxic and durable. The lids are made from bamboo.

Aside from feeling great about reducing your carbon footprint, this bundle comes with the following 3 (THREE) items.


Bread Box with Cutting Board Lid

Red Bread Box in Kitchen

Save valuable table space during the holidays by placing all your bread and pastries into this gorgeous breadbox. Keep the lid on to keep the bread nice and warm. When you are ready to serve, take off the lid which doubles as a bread cutting board. What's a bread cutting board you may ask? Notice how our cutting board has grooves and gaps at the edge. This is so that your bread crumbs don't go all over your table. Any extra help you can get to keep your setting clean is worth it, don't you think?!

BREAD BOX MEASURES 15 3/4 x 9 x 5″ with the lid on. Base for storage is 15x8x4″.


Extra Large Serving Bowl With Servers

Trying to find a bowl that can feed your entire guest count? We created this bowl for that exact same reason! This bowl is extra large. Also, the lid doubles as a chopping board to also save you valuable space. In addition, we created the lid with a unique hole at the top so you would have a place to have your serving utensils rest while keeping whatever is inside the bowl protected. What a genius idea right?! Get ready to meet your new favorite bowl.

MEASURES 11.5″ in diameter. The height without the lid is 5.25″. Each utensil is 10.75″ by 2.25″. The lid measures 11.75″ in diameter and .5″ tall. Capacity is approximately 5.5 quarts


3 Piece Kitchen Canister Set

Bamboo Fiber Airtight Kitchen Canisters

You are all done with your meal. Now it's time for tea or coffee. Bring out our airtight kitchen canister set and begin serving your favorite after-meal beverage. By the way, these canisters are fabulous for keeping salt, pepper or other herbs. Use your creativity with these premium canisters.

CANISTER SET MEASUREMENTS. The large is 7″ tall (hold approx 5 1/2 cups). The medium is 5.5″ tall (hold approx 4 cups) and the small is 4.25″ tall (holds approx 3 cups). The bamboo lid and opening are 4.25″ by 4.25″.

You can see why we are so excited with our Holiday "Breadbox, Bowl, Canister" Bundle.

And we want you to be just as excited as us, which is why we are offering this bundle at such an incredible price. Also, we are serious when we say this bundle is LIMITED as we created this unique holiday RED color with only one batch. So once they are gone they are gone.

Order yours now. We have 24 hours/7 days USA based customer support. We offer 100% Customer satisfaction guarantee. And we have excellent customer reviews. We stand behind our products and our customers, because we know the power of word of mouth and want to make sure you are happy 🙂

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